My Screenplay

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a funny idea...

It was 1993, I think. A group of us had a Labor day campout at the hard-to-get-to Point Dume beach in Malibu. I'd barely slept and we were driving home at the ungodly hour of 8:30am. That, after being up half the night drinking, roasting hotdogs and whatever else it is that 20-somethings did back in the 1990's. Someone put the radio on. A preacher was preaching and he was talking about Noah and the Ark. And, for some strange reason, that preacher - a good Christian - made the story come to life for me - a good Jew. Somehow, as he spoke, I heard the story of Noah as if it were happening in the present day. The idea for a movie was born. I pitched my friend — the author, Stuart Gibbs — on writing it with me. He agreed and so it went: we collaborated by each writing a bunch of funny scenes that we thought would be hilarious, slapped them all together and, about a month later, we had a screenplay. Of course, as things like these go, we edited the script another 10-20 times before, suddenly, Fox Family Films came calling:


While the film was never made, it was a huge honor to have my first screenplay, co-written with a a buddy, solid to a major studio. I promptly retired from writing to focus on my improv career, since that's clearly where all the money is. Lolz.