Here are few kind things that previous students and administrators have had to say about my work...

It was great to see how flexible David could be with our students; modifying, teaching and praising them appropriately. This was a great opportunity for students to work with a professional who is very encouraging, understanding and a real teacher for students interested in the performing arts.
— Julie Lee, Principal, Shadle High School, Spokane, WA

David is a fantastic teacher. I have grown immensely as a person, and I hope an improviser. I am legitimately saddened I won’t have him moving forward in classes, as I feel his theater background has been especially helpful for presenting material in an eloquent and thoughtful manner.
— Amanda Martin-Tully, Portland

David ran a fun, engaging, diverse, and inclusive theatrical event for all ages.
— Andre Wicks, Asst Principal, Shadle High School, WA

David is like that teacher or coach in high school who is tough but fair, encouraging but honest. What makes David great, even when he’s offering criticism, is that there’s never any question as to his motivation – to make you the best improviser you can be. Once you embrace the fact that he’s not criticizing you, he’s building your skill, it’s a great experience.
— Jordan Delapoer, Portland

David is a master improviser, and he definitely knows how to teach. He will challenge you no matter what your skill level. He is an invested instructor who is great at answering questions and would always stay late to work things through.
— Brian Ronan, Portland

Don’t hesitate to take a class with David, his ability to quickly ascertain your strengths and weaknesses as an improviser and then give specific tailored feedback in a constructive way is impressive. Not only do you find out just what you are good at, but David gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to help you learn new techniques in a fun and collaborative way. He is passionate about improvisational theater, and that clear love of the art and excitement to teach others really shows in how much fun his classes are while being highly informative.
— Anthony Pena, Portland

The material we addressed in David’s class went well beyond standard improv techniques. We covered acting essentials that have helped push me to have better stage presence. Far and away the in depth look at what makes a good character and David’s push to move us beyond the surface to what DRIVES character choices and decisions have been invaluable tools in my development as an improvisor.
— Anonymous

I think that David’s teaching method is unique and effective. Feedback is direct and personalized. David recognized early what improvements he wanted to see me work on. He challenged me in a way that had me feeling that the extra attention was an opportunity to work on my weaknesses. I’d like to have David as a teacher again.
— Ariel Valenzuela, Portland

David is very challenging and encouraging. He doesn’t miss a thing and teaches with fiery compassion. It’s clear his goal is to help all his students grow no matter where they’re at. He’s great at reading the individual and knowing when to push and when not to push. He’s also an excellent improviser and actor on stage.
— Timothy Stollenwerk, Portland
I took several classes at the UCB Theatre in New York, including a few “Advanced Study” classes, and in some ways I found this class to be more “advanced” than any of those. Specifically, the focus on acting skills, stage picture, object work, etc. was more advanced that any other class I’ve taken anywhere. I really enjoyed the challenge, and sense of relief, that came with focusing on those skills and presenting compelling, believable characters rather than simply trying to “be funny” or making really clever moves.
— Steve Nichols, Portland