Classes & Workshops

After 26 years of studying and performing improvisation, I teach a variety of styles to help suit various types of students

Teaching at Shadle High School in Spokane, WA

Students & Children

I teach improv to children of ALL ages to help them rediscover how to play, how to express their emotions in collaboration with others, and how to learn about when to take control and when to let it go.

Just after a 2-day workshop in David's studio.

Adult training

I teach improv to adult performers who are preparing to take their craft to the stage or to help those already on the stage refine their techniques, skillsets and abilities to become better at their craft. 

Companies hire me to teach their teams new skills.

COrporate & COaching 

Corporations and non-profits hire me to help train their staff on working together more efficiently while having loads more fun. Existing improv groups hire me to help coach them to better performances.